Alexandra Kay at The Orange Peel

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The Orange Peel | Asheville, North Carolina

Alexandra Kay

Clean up your cowboy boots because you're about to a two-step dance all night this fall! Care to take a guess on the striking country artist set to head the show? Alexandra Kay is en route to Asheville, North Carolina, and our enthusiasm knows no limits! With each and every pluck of the guitar and emotive words, Alexandra Kay is set to whisk you away to the untamed, unfettered wild west!

Alexandra Kay is currently among the top country artists currently. Gaining traction everywhere, hit melody after hit melody, Alexandra Kay definitely emerges as a powerful presence to be reckoned with in the world of country songs. Their compositions present a blend of strong vocals and resonant percussion, fashioning the optimal recipe for country music. Alexandra Kay is preparing for a much-awaited presentation at the The Orange Peel on Monday November 2023 - so make sure you're well-prepared for this! Round up all your companions and notify them you're heading to the most sizzling country gig of the fall! Procure your tickets right away by merely choosing 'GET TICKETS' before they run out!

Are you looking for another excellent reason to go see Alexandra Kay apart from a night of singing and dancing to everyone’s favorite songs? Well, we’ll give you one: the atmosphere in a country music concert is not easy to come across. It a space where you will not be judged based on who you are or what you have. Irrespective of where you paid to sit, you will see happy people around you. The air is always filled with excitement and blissfulness radiating from everyone attending the concert. And there is no better place to experience the happiness than Asheville! The Orange Peel is one of the best venues for country music in Asheville, North Carolina. The venue works hard to accommodate excellent country music stars with a history of finest live shows for their stage, because they want to offer memorable entertainment for their attendees. The venue also offers top-nothc acoustics and lighting engineering as well as a spacious stage so that you have a great view of the talent from any seat in the house. Why settle for enjoying country music, when you can enjoy country music in style at The Orange Peel? Order your tickets today.

Alexandra Kay at The Orange Peel

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