City Morgue at The Orange Peel

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The Orange Peel | Asheville, North Carolina

City Morgue

Right here at the amazing The Orange Peel, we strive to offer you the most exhilarating time imaginable! That's just why for this spring, the hardest hitting rap/hip-hop artist of this era is prepared to start a powerful gig on our stage!

If you didn't already figured it out, City Morgue is making a long-anticipated appearance at the majestic The Orange Peel in dynamic Asheville, North Carolina. The festivity never ceases at this presentation, as City Morgue spews out flames and drops the most significant bangers of all time. Ready yourself to be immersed into the world of hip-hop - one of the foremost cultural movements in history. The performance is scheduled to happen on Friday April 2024. So pencil in the date and get set for an utterly fantastic moment!

At this juncture, we're unquestionably sure that it'll be impossible for you to join us. So, go ahead and acquire your admission passes without delay prior to them being fully booked for the show! City Morgue anticipates welcoming you shortly!

The time to secure your tickets to see City Morgue live at The Orange Peel has arrived! Not only will you get to enjoy the finest that the hip hop world has to offer, but you will have the key to the perfect night out on the town in Asheville, North Carolina: a SMASHING party in the top venue: The Orange Peel! The top sound quality will transport you to the stage with City Morgue rapping for you. The impressive stage design and lighting will take you to hip-hop heaven: an unreal party you have always dreamed about. Leave all your parking and dining worries behind with the perfectly located parking and a large list of bars and restaurants to choose from. It’s not just an event, it’s the biggest party in Asheville and you WANT to be a part of it! Get your tickets today!

City Morgue at The Orange Peel

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