DIIV at The Orange Peel

DIIV Tickets

The Orange Peel | Asheville, North Carolina


If you're into alternative music, man do we have news for you! The one, the only, the unsurpassed DIIV is playing in your city on the Asheville, North Carolina leg of the fall, 2023 tour! How thrilling is that!? Fans are so stoked! This October, the big evening is is hosted by the best place of its kind in the city, The Orange Peel, Asheville, North Carolina! Tell your friends this date because your night is about to get real ALTERNATIVE on Monday 16th October 2023! Now quickly buy your tickets before they're all gone just use the link above today!

When Asheville, North Carolina wants to host the best in alternative music, they always look to the The Orange Peel to play host. This venue has a reputation for bringing the greatest artists from across the country to their location and musical companies are quick to accept their invitations. That’s because the stunning The Orange Peel has been designed to offer exceptional acoustics that will give you clear and crisp sounds whether you’re up front or all the way in rear seating. The The Orange Peel also attracts the best fans across the state and remains highly rated on top ten lists from several reputable publications. If you want to experience the best in alternative music, then you want to get tickets to upcoming the The Orange Peel events.

DIIV at The Orange Peel

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