Gavin Adcock at The Orange Peel

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The Orange Peel | Asheville, North Carolina

Gavin Adcock

Crushing hits are about to strew across Asheville! Metalheads fall in line because Gavin Adcock is set to rock live at the The Orange Peel on Saturday 27th July 2024. Everyone will be completely engrossed by this live event that is the zenith of this legendary bands most-awaited tour kicking off this summer and covering the entire July. This piercing act will demonstrate the metal collective popular for their top-ranking hits and extraordinary stage presence for the past decade. On this superb eve of metal manias, steel yourself as Gavin Adcock serves their ferocious setlist, which contains some of their newest tracks stemming from their recent album. Endorsed as one of history's leading metal artists, they will promise an overwhelming time! Press forward to the iconic The Orange Peel, and bask in the most powerful rock concert in all of North Carolina! Hurry up, as admissions are vanishing quickly! Rule the crowd and assure you're part of the action by purchasing your spots now!

Ramp up the surge as metal rock band Gavin Adcock is about to fire up the The Orange Peel on this coming Saturday 27th July 2024!
Resuming after a considerable break, the band recently released their most thrilling album so far, which is to be followed up by their rebellious tour. This gritty album has been praised worldwide with experts deeming it a guaranteed banger and this summer, the rock group is moving along to promote their new singles across North America. Kicking off early this July in Asheville, North Carolina, the tour will stop at several cities before finishing on late summer.

For those who are curious, Gavin Adcock is a metal group that has long been renowned for preparing crazy sets. Moreover, they have been internationally recognized for winning a chain of awards for their contributions in the heavy metal genre.

Gavin Adcock is ecstatic beyond words to bring everyone their most astounding hits in this killer performance. Although the tracklist is not yet announced, fans can expect familiar songs and those new to the ears.

Unite with fellow warriors for a metal ride at the The Orange Peel - a popular spot for music festivals in North Carolina! Audiences will get the best viewing and listening experience since this auditorium guarantees an impressive seating capacity accompanied with cutting-edge sounds and designs.

Transform your Saturday night into an unforgettable one with shredding rifs and even better company. You certainly do not want to stay behind on the heavy metal festival of the year! Claim your slots in the crowd now, and prepare for a heavy night!

Gavin Adcock at The Orange Peel

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