George Clanton at The Orange Peel

George Clanton Tickets

The Orange Peel | Asheville, North Carolina

George Clanton

You’ve read it right - the iconic George Clanton is about to hit the stage of the heralded The Orange Peel on Friday 13th October 2023. The unmissable event will take place on Friday 13th October 2023, attracting numerous techno lovers across the state. The patrons of world-class electronic music are rushing to the ticket stands to secure a spot and experience live this world-class techno entertainment. Join the exalted crowd George Clanton takes them on the ultimate sonic adventure in the world of top-class techno. You’re just a click away from it - don’t miss it!

A good techno venue can illuminate the sense of another dimension. The transportive decor, clean sightlines, mind-blowing installations and crazy light shows create the perfect ambiance to immerse into the show fully. This is just a small fraction of what you can find in The Orange Peel. The venue is much-lauded throughout Asheville and has turned into a meeting point for techno enthusiasts all across North Carolina. Its mighty reputation is surely well-deserved, as it never fails to deliver the most supreme viewing and sonic experience for its patrons. It’s hard to tell what they enjoy the most about the place - whether it’s the star-studded line-ups, perfect location, unrivalled sound system or world-class customer service in the face of the welcoming staff. One thing is for sure - The Orange Peel is the must-stop destination both for the finest DJs and the most passionate fans alike. So if you fancy sampling the techno scene at its finest, take a close look at the upcoming program with banging events, get your peers and head down to The Orange Peel for a night of a tantalizing musical delight! Forget about your worries, escape the routine and party like there’s no tomorrow - you deserve it!

George Clanton at The Orange Peel

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