The Brook and The Bluff at The Orange Peel

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The Orange Peel | Asheville, North Carolina

The Brook and The Bluff

Country music is arguably one of the most beautiful genres to ever exist. There have been many amazing singers to be called the best but none of them could get to the same level as The Brook and The Bluff. We are pleased to announce that The Brook and The Bluff is making a long-awaited live show in Asheville, North Carolina! This is going to be one of the best shows you’ll ever witness.

This winter, drive to the The Orange Peel for a night of great music and great vibes as The Brook and The Bluff sings all the songs you’ve been waiting to hear! Catch all of their hottest tracks live and jam along to all your favorite country classics. Are you ready to immerse yourselves in the hottest country show of the season? If so, ring your friends and gather up the rodeo because you’re all coming to see The Brook and The Bluff very soon! The show will commence on Thursday 15th February 2024!

Tickets are up right now. Secure your slots at the show as soon as you can! You can’t afford to miss this! The Brook and The Bluff will see you soon!

We are thrilled to announce a legendary act is on a US wide tour once more for winter, 2024, and you heard it here first! The amazing The Brook and The Bluff! It'll be the biggest night of country/folk music of 2024! showing at the favorite venue in the city in February, The Orange Peel, Asheville, North Carolina, amenities are on point, parking is excellent, wonderful refreshments and in the centre of the city, all of those reviews must be right! Thursday 15th February 2024 is the date to watch, put it in your diary today! Country/folk fanatics are grabbing tickets faster than expected and historically The Brook and The Bluff shows have sold out in many venues, so we advise buying early to be certain you get access. You can buy tickets direct from this page, simply follow the button on this page. This is your opportunity!

The Brook and The Bluff at The Orange Peel

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