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The Orange Peel | Asheville, North Carolina

The Hives

Prepare to unleash the electrifying energy of The Hives live at The Orange Peel! On Tuesday, 2024, Asheville, North Carolina promises to buzz with punk-rock rhythm and scintillating performances. From the widely popular “Tick Tick Boom” to the anthemic “Hate to Say I Told You So,” The Hives have been riveting the alternative scene with their explosive sound.

Tickets start at just $61, securing you a spot within this iconic venue. The Hives, celebrated for their unrelenting live shows, invite you to be part of a night filled with pulse-pounding hits and legendary performances that have secured them global acclaim.

Don’t hesitate. Seats are going quickly. Be part of the crowd that will roar to the frenzied beats and entertaining riffs. Click the 'buy tickets' button now and enjoy a concert that’s guaranteed to be marked.

Announcing an electrifying evening with The Hives! Bringing their epic enthusiasm and distinct charisma to The Orange Peel, this iconic Swedish rock band is set to light up Asheville, North Carolina, on Tuesday the 1st of October 2024. Fans are gearing up as The Hives perform on their acclaimed North American tour.

The Hives

With two decades of garage rock brilliance, The Hives have earned a reputation for their raucous LIVE performances and sharp style. After celebrating their 30th anniversary and garnering acclaim in diverse corners of the world - from their native Sweden to the unexpected scene of Venezuela - they continue to defy expectations. Their latest masterwork, 'The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons', showcases the band’s ingenious talent and cements their status in punk rock history. Highlighted by recent hit singles and the anticipated addition of bassist The Johan and Only, The Hives' performance will be a festivity of their most recent successes and beloved favorites.

The Orange Peel Information

Touted as one of Rolling Stone's Top 5 Rock Clubs in the US, The Orange Peel features a exciting history of hosting excellent acts such as Bob Dylan and Arcade Fire. With a room for 1,050 patrons and a varied list of amenities, The Orange Peel is the perfect venue to witness The Hives in their full glory.

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Tickets for this not-to-be-missed event start at a mere, making it an incredible value for an exceptional night. reserve your spot through Ticket Squeeze by clicking the "buy tickets" button and join The Hives on their thrilling 2024 North American Tour. Hurry, as tickets are selling fast for this anticipated event!

The Hives at The Orange Peel

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