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The Orange Peel | Asheville, North Carolina


Prepare for a night where tunes take flight and rock meets finesse at Wilderado's latest concert extravaganza! This musical journey unfurls on Saturday, 22nd June 2024, at the iconic Orange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina. Fans, seize your chance to sway to the tunes of "Head Right" and chant the anthemic choruses of “Surefire”—songs that have anchored Wilderado on the charts and in our hearts.

It’s not just their chart-topping hits that have carved out a niche for Wilderado; it's their electric performances that fuse pure stage presense with the intimacy of pop-rock finesse. The band’s strides in the industry mirror their expansive sound, leading them to stages across the nation where each concert is more than live music—it’s a panoramic experience.

Starting from $57, tickets promise access to an evening where every strum resonates with passion and every lyric echoes long after the last encore. As each performance is tailored to leave an indelible mark, Wilderado's concert is a palette of sonorous landscapes painted for the fans. Be quick to secure your spot.

Click the ‘buy tickets’ button and let the rhythm lead you to an extraordinary night. Don't just hear about the magic; live it with Wilderado at The Orange Peel!

Imagine a night under the soft glow of stage lights, the shimmering strums of a guitar filling the air, and a melody that tugs at heartstrings in an almost mystical fashion. This is the atmosphere awaiting you at The Orange Peel, as Wilderado—known for their poignant lyrics and indie-folk charm—graces the stage. Attendees will immerse themselves in an intoxicating blend of music that entertains and transports. With every note of their popular songs like “Sometimes” and “In Between,” fans old and new will revel in an experience that is both electrifying and intimate.


The allure of Wilderado lies not just in their music, but in their steadily rising clout in the indie music scene. Fresh off their 2024 two-track release “Sometimes” & “Tomorrow,” the band's artistry continues to evolve. Their ever-growing popularity is evident in their impressive headlining tour announcements and their collaborations with respected artists like Matt Berninger. Audience members can expect to relish live renditions of their recent hits complemented by their signature 2023 live album tracks. Wilderado's authenticity and organic rise in the industry underscore their significance on the alternative music landscape.

The Orange Peel Information

Asheville, North Carolina, houses a beacon for musical aficionados—The Orange Peel. Amplified by a history echoing with performances from legends like Bob Dylan and Blondie, this venue is more than a concert location; it's an institution. Its walls, which have felt the reverberations of diverse genres, promise exceptional acoustics for Wilderado's folk-infused soundscapes. This standing-room paradise capacity of 1,050 spectators embarks you on an exceptional auditory journey. For any special requests or information, do not hesitate to contact The Orange Peel directly.

Ticket Information

Securing your spot at Wilderado’s performance is a decision your future self will thank you for. With tickets starting at $57, an investment in soul-filling music awaits. Ensure your attendance through the secure and reputable marketplace, Ticket Squeeze. Remember to click the "buy tickets" button for a hassle-free purchase. This isn’t just a concert; it’s a gathering of stories, emotions, and tunes that promise to make Saturday, June 22nd, 2024, a date to remember.

Wilderado at The Orange Peel

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