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The Orange Peel | Asheville, North Carolina

Duncan Trussell

Are you ready to unleash the laughter within you? Prepare for an evening of high spirits and belly laughs with the celebrated comedian Duncan Trussell, coming to The Orange Peel in Asheville this Wednesday, June 12th, 2024!

Duncan Trussell, with his unique brand of comedy that has rounded the globe and captured the attention of millions, brings his sharp wit and thought-provoking humor to North Carolina. You have heard his wildly popular “Duncan Trussell Family Hour” podcast and have seen him on "The Midnight Gospel" – now witness the comedic force live!

Tickets are starting at just $56 – a small price for an extraordinary night of humor and merriment. This is more than just a comedy show; it's an experience that promises to be a comedy highlight of your year. Don't miss out – click the 'buy tickets' button now to secure your seat at The Orange Peel for an impeccable evening of comedy. See you there!

Prepare for an evening rippling with laughter and the thrum of collective joy as the charismatic Duncan Trussell takes the stage at The Orange Peel on Wednesday, the 12th of June, 2024. In Asheville, North Carolina. Duncan's unique blend of humor punctuates the air like a well-placed punchline – it’s a show guaranteed to enthrall fans and first-timers to his unique comedy alike.

Duncan Trussell

No stranger to recognition, Duncan Trussell, the prolific mind behind the hit podcast, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, and the co-creator of the animated series The Midnight Gospel, captures audiences with his profound and often existential comedy. His recent tour has been collecting laurels, with critics highlighting Duncan's gift for blending humor with thought-provoking ideas. Dive into the introspection and come out laughing on the other side as Duncan commands the room with his observational prowess and disarming authenticity.

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Situated amidst the eclectic charm of Asheville, The Orange Peel stands as a beacon for extraordinary performances. This impressive venue, with a staggering seating capacity of 1050 fans, has housed legends like Bob Dylan and new-age icons alike. The acoustical design ensures that every word from Duncan’s lips reaches you with clarity. Each seat promises a comfortable view that brings the humor closer to home.

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With tickets starting at a modest $56, securing your spot to witness Duncan Trussell’s enchanting performance is just a click away. To ensure a hassle-free purchase, visit the acclaimed Ticket Squeeze marketplace by clicking the "buy tickets" button.Be part of the laughter; be part of standup history with Duncan Trussell at The Orange Peel.

Duncan Trussell at The Orange Peel

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