Madison Cunningham & Juana Molina at The Orange Peel

Madison Cunningham & Juana Molina Tickets

The Orange Peel | Asheville, North Carolina

Madison Cunningham & Juana Molina

Get ready for a night where strings and synths collide! The Orange Peel is STOKED to host Madison Cunningham and Juana Molina - two audacious artists shaking the core of our sonic sensibilities. Asheville, mark your calendars for April 13, 2024. It's not just a concert; it's an odyssey through sound.

Madison’s guitar prowess and storytelling sorcery come alive right before your eyes. Tracks like "Trouble Found Me" will haunt you with their raw brilliance. And Juana? She's a sonic sculptor, blending hypnotic rhythms with an experimental twist in chart-toppers like "Eras".

Embrace this unique fusion. The strings that tug heartstrings. The beats that echo through your very soul. It’s MAGIC, it’s REAL, and it’s happening in one of the most intimate venues in town.

You've listened on loop; now live it. Each strum, each loop, reverberating throughout The Orange Peel. A show that sticks with you, long after the last note fades...

Tickets? Going... Going... Don't let them be GONE. Secure your spot NOW. Join us for a night that echoes in memory. Head to The Orange Peel website and grab your slice of musical utopia. Don’t MISS OUT!

A jam session that's out of this world is coming right at you this April in one of the most glowingly regarded alternative music events in this part of the United States! With widespread fanfare, the incredible Madison Cunningham & Juana Molina will light up North Carolina's city of Asheville following its prior string of sold-out shows where it left a trail of five-star ratings in its wake. The run will then make a pit stop at the renowned The Orange Peel on Saturday 13th April 2024, inviting you and other avid fans to swing it with these bonafide trailblazers of their scene!

“My No. 1 artist who’s still in the game! I don’t know how they pull it off, but their songs are so uniquely beautiful. No one else can do what they do, and all of you should absolutely listen to them if you have the opportunity!”
Behind the curtains of popular music, the circle of alternative tunes extends its domain, influenced by the many genres that shaped the soundscape. This is what the forthcoming Madison Cunningham & Juana Molina will be commemorating! Among this era’s leading visionaries and tastemakers, our featured act will sink you into a diverse sea of exquisite melodies, from their innovative debut singles to the viral ones of their latest best-selling record. Riveting instrumentations meet expressive prose and thematic choruses in an unprecedented experience that’ll move you in ways you just can't explain.

Award-giving bodies have acknowledged the band with prestigious honors and universal acclaim, definitively recognized as alternative music's future by fans and critics alike. Once the encores end, you’ll undeniably believe that as well.

The The Orange Peel in Asheville’s buzzing entertainment district will offer a gorgeous stage for the event, emphasizing an immersive ambiance and acoustic accuracy for crowds to revel in. North Carolina's leading live music hotspot includes spacious parking as well as neighboring bars and restaurants for a perfect night on the town!

A captivating spring show expects you on Saturday 13th April 2024, masterminded by the out-of-this-world Madison Cunningham & Juana Molina LIVE in Asheville's The Orange Peel! For reservations, click the “Get Tickets” button above!

Madison Cunningham & Juana Molina at The Orange Peel

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