The Milk Carton Kids at The Orange Peel

The Milk Carton Kids Tickets

The Orange Peel | Asheville, North Carolina

The Milk Carton Kids

Are you a fan of The Milk Carton Kids? Have you ever experienced this voice live? The Milk Carton Kids is coming to The Orange Peel on Monday 29th January 2024. Enjoy a Monday night to remember. Buy your tickets now, prepare to be amazed with a performance that you’ll never forget. The Milk Carton Kids will be in Asheville, North Carolina for a limited time and you don’t want to miss out on hearing them LIVE! Tickets sell out quickly as you well know, so it is best to get yours now! You’ll enjoy an unbelievable show on a Monday in The Orange Peel. Look forward to an awesome night of your favorite tunes at The Orange Peel on Monday 29th January 2024. Tell all your friends, click the ‘get tickets’ button and book your tickets today.

When you hear “The Orange Peel”, what comes to mind? Iconic? Legendary? World famous? Well, we can tell you that this stunning venue has been rated one of the top ten concert stages in all of North Carolina, on not just one, but 10 different reviews! It doesn’t take long to figure out why. This place has hosted some of the all time greats, and The Milk Carton Kids may just be the greatest of all! Once you walk through the doors into this astonishing venue, you will be blown away by the sheer atmosphere that flows through the halls intoxicating everything in its path. The stage itself has been designed for world class acoustics by some of the finest engineers in the country, the seating and decor carefully crafted to offer the best mix of comfort and quality in the state. Everything you could expect from a music venue is delivered and exceeded by the The Orange Peel. So, where better to experience an all time legend of pop-rock music than here?!

The Milk Carton Kids at The Orange Peel

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